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The Directory of Insurance Companies lists the website and email addresses of 1,000’s of contacts at Insurance Companies,  Agents and Brokers in the USA . Click above for more details.




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Insurance is what we call our defense against the risk of an uncertain loss. Being a form of risk management, it is an impartial transfer of risk to another entity in exchange of payment. The person who is selling the policy is called an insurer. And the person who is buying is called the policy holder. The insurance is determined by bits risk and is then generated a rate. The  rate is the amount that will be paid by the holder and is often called a premium. Due to the widespread acclaim of risk management is now regarded as a field of study and practice.

Polices are an agreement between the insurer and policy holder. The  holder will complete payment and in case of a loss, the insurer will compensate the policy holder. With this agreement, the holder will acquire a contract that is called an  policy. It is within this  policy that the terms and conditions of the agreement are stated.  In relation to this, a broker is the person who will find a policy and company for the client. Since these brokers and agents on our list are part of the retail side of an insurance business, some insurers prefer to acquire their insurance through them. However, since there are a lot of complicated pieces of information that need to be given to the  companies to regard the risk, the brokers would be the ones responsible for compliance. There are special rules on how to assemble, print and deliver these documents. If it is compromised, the broker will be on the line. More importantly, it is the broker who needs to accompany and assist the probable clients in gaining an appropriate risk management strategy. They would need to work closely with their client so that they can garner the risks that are most probable while educating them as well of the  business. Brokers are also capable of helping policy holders gain excess policies on top of their original policy. This can help the policy holder obtain a lower premium with certain deductibles. This process is actually more cost effective than buying a large policy outright.


Companies, Agents and Brokers on the list are in the business of providing products and related services. The concept is straightforward. Almost anything can be insured. As part of the insurance purchase, the company will agree to redeem or compensate for the loss incurred on the insured product or person. For instance, if it’s a car insurance itwill cover damages to car. If the car should be damage, perhaps in an accident, the company will pay for it. For a an Email List of Insurance Brokers see

Insurance Companies, Agents and Brokers on our list provide a number of products. They are listed here.

  • Life insurance – This is bought by individuals who want to safeguard the future of their families in the event of death. If the person who is insured should die, the family or whoever was identified as the beneficiary, will be given a certain insurance amount by the company.
  • Health insurance – Medical expenses are some of the most expensive events in anybody’s life. Paying for medical expenses out of one’s own pocket is crazy. That is where health ins-urance comes into the picture. Companies, Agents and Brokers will take care of any medical related expenses that the person might acquire. Most Companies, Agents and Brokers already have some kind of a tie up with hospitals which allows cashless transactions. That way, the insured person does not have to bear the expenses himself or herself.
  • Rental insurance – If some unforeseen financial situation forces a person to a scenario where they are unable to pay rent, the rental insurance company will pay the rent for a certain period.
  • Theft insurance – Homes get robbed occasionally and sometimes expensive items get stolen. This is where theft insurance comes into play. In the event of a robbery, the company will compensate for lost components.

There is an essential tool that marketers and businessman need. That tool would be an Email Mailing Address List. The Insurance Companies, Agents and Brokers Database, Directory & Marketing List has  all the information that is needed by the business person. In addition we have a new Australia List at

What is Insurance?

There are so many different types of insurance. The most common types of coverage’s are auto and life.  Auto coverage has a range of options. The most basic of these is liability. Liability is a general coverage that protects the insured against lawsuits for negligence. Liability is a type of coverage that is carried by many public and business entities. Life insurance is carried mostly by individuals.  This is a coverage that is sometimes offered by employers to their employees.

Other types of coverage

  • Aviation
  • Deposit
  • Builder’s risk
  • Renters
  • Travelers

K&R insurance (kidnap and ransom) is to protect corporation and individuals that live or work in high-risk area. This coverage often mentions several nations in Latin America. Some of these countries include Mexico and Venezuela.  This type of coverage includes accidental death or dismemberment in case of death or permanent physical disablement that can occur during a kidnapping. The other major coverage is the reimbursed ransom monies that have been paid or lost due to kidnapping.

Mortgage insurance is another common type of coverage. This type of coverage is often required when buying a new home.   This is a type of coverage that manly protects the mortgage company in case of default on a home loan. This coverage is mainly used if there a down payment is 20% or less. The way to avoid the need for this type of coverage is to use a second loan to make up the difference. This type of loan is often called a piggy-back loan.



We also have many other Marketing List available as follows:-

Database, Directory and Marketing List of Builders and Construction Companies

Builders and Construction Companies are those who take over the responsibility of actually building a structure. The plan is provided to them by the team of architects. It is possible to consider builder companies as folks who do all the heavy lifting, compared all the drawing room activity that architects do. The activity of construction and building is a culmination of so many activities. A building company will take over all the activities that come under this.

Here is a list of activities that builder and construction companies can be expected to do on behalf the company that is overseeing the construction.

  • Land acquisition – No construction activity can take place without identification of suitable land to build on. The builders will discuss with real estate developers to find out the best land for the construction.
  • Permits – Even after the land has been purchased, there are still permits that needs to be obtained from the government. Permits to draw a gas line. Permits to connect to the water supply. Post box number and so on. All of this paper work will be taken care of by construction companies. This saves a lot of time to the eventual home owners, which can be a company or a person.
  • Procuring equipment – Construction involves a lot of equipment. The builders will ensure that the right set of equipment is rented at reasonable prices.
  • Procuring materials and labour – Construction needs not just equipment. It also needs raw materials and labour. Procuring either of them in the right quantities is essential to get construction done as planned. The building and construction company will look into this.

The Database, Directory and Marketing List of Builders and Construction Companies will contain every such company in the entire country. The Construction Firms Database can be used for the services of land acquisition, permits and procuring the needed elements for cons.


Electricians Database, Directory & Marketing List

Every house will eventually run into at least one or two electrical repairs every few months. The folks who will take care of this would be electricians. Some electrical related repairs – such as replacing a faulty bulb – can be done by the house owner. Not all such electrical repairs can be done with home tools. Sometimes, the professionals – Electricians – will have to called and taken help from. There is also a slight risk associated with doing electrical repairs, like shocks from electricity. For safety reason alone, if for no other reason, electricians must be employed to do repairs.

Electricians provide wide ranging services. All of their services can be grouped as follows.

  • Repairs – This is the basic service that is provided by all electricians. When something related to electrical work has broken down, the electrical repairperson will fix it. Repair process is fairly streamlined. First, the point of failure is identified. Necessary replacement parts are then purchased by the electrician. Finally, the repair is completed.
  • Maintenance – This is a service that some electricians provide. With a maintenance plan, an electrician will visit the premises at regular intervals. Check for any possible faults. If faults are found, then repairs are done. This way, most issues are fixed even before they happen, instead of waiting for them to go wrong.
  • Rewiring – Sometimes, if a house is old enough, it may be needed to replace the full collection of wires in the house. This is an advanced repair and very few electricians can actually do this. The task is extensive and requires considerable amount of work and can take weeks to months to complete.

With access to the Electricians Database and Email Mailing Address List, it is possible to find every, currently active electrician in hundreds of cities. Electricians Database, Directory & Marketing info available to look up has been updated with the latest info. The list is updated every week, as and when, new information becomes available.

Travel Agencies

Travel Agencies are companies that provide travel related services. Usually, there isn’t much in terms of difference between the workings of a travel agent and a travel agency. An agent is just one person who is running the show. An agency is usually a corporate entity that performs the job of a travel agents.  The Database, Directory of  Travel agencies is important when it comes to the topic of travel, mostly because, making a travel plan is complicated. Even in a single city, there will be dozens of different ways of going from one place to another place. When the world is taken into consideration, things really get complicated.

Travel agencies can be expected to perform the following functions.

  • Travel Plan and Tickets – this is the most basic activity that a travel agency is expected to do. Given a destination and source city, the travel agency is able to use their enormous travel knowledge to come up with a plan. Travel is expensive and according to the size of the wallet of the traveller, the travel agency can come up with a plan. This leads to a lot of discussions. Once the plan is set, the travel agency will then help with the purchase of tickets. In case of international travel, the agency will also provide assistance with paper work. There is a lot of paper work that is associated with international travel.


Furniture Stores

Though lifeless, it is furniture that adds life to your home. And recognising the integral relationship between a house and its inhabitants, the database and directory of furniture shops are capturing the market like never before.

The furniture industry has received a rapid transformation with designs that are breaking all norms and changing the lifestyle of Indians. Gone are the days of a boring sofa or a square shaped cupboards that just occupied space in your house. Furnishing giants like Nesta, Estillo,  Zuari Furniture , Godrej Interior  and others are offering read-made and costume made furniture that are worth flaunting.

The Database & Marketing List of furniture shops are fast changing the lifestyle of Indians with diverse range of modern and traditional furniture at affordable prices and good quality for kitchens, bedrooms, living and dining rooms and others. Catering to the specific need of house furniture for offices, banquets and even hotels are also offered.

Care Homes

The phrase “Care Homes” is born out of two words care and homes. Meaning of care and homes put together propels us to conclude that care homes directoryand database  are essentially those homes where you get to have care at the time of distress. Dilly-dallying with your care home can prove costly particularly after attaining certain age and / or once you fall prey to a critical illness that in essence even can cost your life.

Physician heal thyself so goes a maxim that connotes in effect to supervise and monitor your health even while taking care of others such as near and dear ones of your family. Care homes come as savours here since all such homes accord care and treatment when you need it badly. At this point you might be thinking about ways and means of getting in touch with care homes which is simple enough to do by following email mailing and database of care homes.


Charity begins at home so goes a saying that ushers us to the noble concept of learning and fine tuning the art of charities right from the home so much so that any imperfection on it can in effect be refined alongside creating a bonding among the family members. In short charities are learned behaviour that in essence has to begin from home alone.

Getting involved or dedicated to charities is not an easy task that calls for renunciation on your part and bear with discomforts for making the less privileged happy. The seed for this kind act of human nature gets germinated at the childhood and fructifies at a later stage wherein mothers play a pivotal role. It’s been widely acknowledged and appreciated that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. There can never be any argument on this. As a layman you however can pursue it through a marketing directory and database of charities by way of voluntary services and contributions for sure.

Mailing and Marketing Directory of Estate Agents

Mailing list and Database of estate agents is a list that contains the business names of estate agents and the different methods that a potential client can use to contact them. It is very useful to business peers who may want to refer clients to a reputable firm when they themselves are overwhelmed with customers, but more so to people who would like to get the best deals when buying or leasing property.

There are many estate agents in the UK today and there are also many players in the real estate business. Some of these players are institutions that want to house their senior personnel and investors who want to establish hostels for short stay visits. In short, there is a wide diversity of people who are interested in getting contacts of estate agents. Therefore, a marketing list and Database and Directory of Estate Agents that would be helpful is that which is comprehensive in terms of what they offer and such other fundamental details. Here are some important details that would make the list marketable:

  • Registered name of the estate agent
  • Physical location of their Head Office
  • Physical location of their branch offices
  • Active e-mail address
  • Current postal address
  • Type of property they deal in: leasehold or freehold; flats or bungalows; and so on.
  • Working hours
  • Rate of commission the agent charges in percentage or absolute figures
  • Samples of available property, e.g. homes for sale, premises for leasing, etc.
  • Locations of their available property duly updated
  • Related services available, for instance, organising for mortgage; processing paperwork on any contract; organising for insurance; and such other important but tedious services.
  • Website

A Directory and mailing list of estate agents stands out when it is customisable. For example, a list that shows the various locations of its properties is more helpful to clients who want property in specific areas. It is also more user friendly when the database contains prices because then one can identify the useful range of prices.


Going gung ho on Ezine marketing begins with the Database email mailing and marketing list of accountants and accountancy services. ‘m sure you are wondering how on earth the two correlate. It’s simple since the essence of Ezine marketing revolves around the list containing the details of your TG (Target Group) that can readily be available with accountants and accountancy services. At this point again you can easily be misled pondering over the interdependency of accountants and accountancy services with Ezine marketing success.

Let me clarify to you that it is something that stands working as the financial institutions or any other institution that employs accountants and accountancy services do keep profile of the people that becomes a sizeable databank over the years. This databank becomes an indispensible asset for the organization concerned for the purpose of all future businesses alongside taking care of the present. This databank too comes handy in case of Ezine marketing as the modus operandi of Ezine marketing require details of a person such as age, sex, mail ID etc. for sending messages, emails or communication through PDF files.



Beauty and Hair Salons

Beauty & hair salons are here on earth to stay for sure as long as we don’t stop appreciating people with good looks alongside feeling confident with our looks. Since the time immemorial people have worshipped beauty with mixed reactions such as reverences and enjoyments. As a matter of fact we see beauty & hair salons in its different avatars from ancient time.

Time has changed so has been the passion and means and ways of survival while some of us have channelized our interest into database beauty & hair salons that has yielded to the well being of the society as a whole. Some of us have become owners there, some of us as workers while a few as suppliers to such establishments with a common motive of earning bread and butter for ourselves. Those who have taken the role of suppliers have to have their database of beauty and hair salons on their priority and agenda for running the venture successfully.


Dentists or mini marts also known as corner shops are shopping outlets that are normally found nearby railway stations or airports or other transport hubs. Sometimes these stores are also a part of gas stations. They stock all necessary utility items that may be required by people while travelling.

The concept of these The Dentists Database originated with the idea of providing utility items when people are on the go. It could be anything starting from food, drinks to toiletries, tobacco, newspapers anything. Some of these outlets also provide money order and wire transfer facilities. The products sold in these stores are slightly expensive in comparison to other stores mainly owing to the somewhat remote location of these outlets.

In some countries these Dentists are open 24*7, as they are the only attainable option in that area. And thus the round the clock service is very lucrative for them too. Although the variety of items available is not too varied or vast in these outlets, but these are indeed the one stop shops we look for while travelling.


Employment and Recruitment agencies

Creating greener pastures

With the population of India soaring in billions, trailing China, and the rapid growth fuelling demand for man power in different sector, employment and recruitment agencies are acting as a liaison fulfilling industrial demand.

To strike a balance between demand and supply and also to guide millions seeking for employment these agencies fulfill a two-way demand. On one hand they provide employment opportunity to millions and on the other help companies with the right talent.

The Directory of Employment and Recruitment agencies caters to different sectors and provide jobs for executives,  technical staff, accountants, purchase officers, production staff  among others at different levels.

There are hundreds of placements and consulting agencies across the country helping skilled as well as unskilled jobseekers gain access to the right companies. They also offer jobs in the international market, based on the preference as well as talent.


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